Successful testing phase and preliminary clinical study at the Johannesbad specialist clinic Bad Füssingen. Published: 03/2015


During the follow-up treatment of tumor patients with prostatectomy, the specialist clinic Bad Füssingen has been successfully utilizing the brainLight-Systems for many years.

In the acute, postoperative phase, utmost importance is placed on the patients’ physical and mental stability, through the application of stress management and relaxation therapies. Not all patients are, however, receptive to the traditional relaxation therapy, such as psycho-oncological, autogenous training or progressive muscle relaxation. In these cases, the brainLight-Systems have been used successfully, showing a high degree of acceptance from the patients.

Furthermore, the specialist clinic has now commissioned a new format for measurement reading, in the form of a headband with integrated sensors for neuro-feedback, skin conductance and skin temperature. The measured data will be transmitted via Bluetooth into an adjacent control room, where it will be registered without subjective interference from the patient. Simultaneously, a questionnaire (as with the brainLight sessions) will substantiate the measurement data.


Bad Füssing, Dec 17, 2014

Dr. Michael Zellner

Head physician of the urology department

Johannesbad clinic Bad Füssing