Products & Milestones

What we have achieved – What we want to achieve in the future

The brainLight products

The way brainLight-Systems slow down the racing brain is reflected in our corporate philosophy. It is our wish to contribute, in all our actions and work, to helping people get in touch with their divine beings. Whether the people using brainLight are employees benefiting from the corporate health management (CHM) at their workplace or people relaxing in the privacy of their homes, the systems promote a state of total relaxation, release and mental health. As a result, brainLight users are not only friendlier people, working and collaborating more productively, but also lead more harmonious personal lives, making our products a positive and profitable investment for the family as well as any company. The interlinked brainLight products are easy to operate and have been well thought out to be convenient in use. They support people in restoring their inner balance. The resulting change in thinking is followed by actions that are responsible and sustainable and will have a long-term healing effect on society. Whether people go on to learn a new language at speed or perhaps want to gain insight into their own mental processes, the brainLight program repertoire has been optimized to enable its users to realize their innate potential.

Milestones in the brainLight product development

On July 7, 2007, the company made a major leap forward with its unique proprietary expansion system, the brainLight-be Synchro, which at the touch of a button, emits synchronized light, rhythmic sound, music and speech while also controlling a Shiatsu massage chair. This technology is unique in the world and is firmly established on the German market.

Then, in 2009, brainLight launched a deep relaxation system for commercial use, the brainLight relaxTower. This system, too, includes the control of a Shiatsu massage chair and is of great potential for corporate health management (CHM) systems.

In 2010, the company launched two further systems, the Synchro be clever and the Delfin be clever, which offer pre-school and primary school children new audio-visual learning media. The assumption basic to both products is that learning will be more successful if preceded by a relaxation session.

Fall 2011 saw the launch of the 3D FLOAT, a brainLight Shiatsu massage chair with new massage technology including 3D massage. And from 2011 onwards, the new Touch Synchro series has been available, a user-friendly upgrade of the audio-visual be Synchro.

In 2012, brainLight introduced the relaxTower TWO-IN-ONE, which controls two massage chairs at once, a new massage chair called Shiatsu SPICE and ten new audio-visual programs for athletes that support mental focus to gain optimum sports performance.

The 3D FLOAT PLUS Shiatsu-massage chair joined the series in 2013. Its enhanced 3D technology enables the massage points to be set even more exactly to the subject’s acupuncture points. The massage then follows; at an intensity the subject can adjust at will. Furthermore, the chair possesses, in addition to its acupuncture recognition facility, a body scanner that is activated at the start of the automated programs.

Since 2014, brainLight customers have been able to enjoy not only the pre-existing programs but a succession of new ones to fulfill long-expressed wishes: shorter programs, programs with a greater massage element, programs especially suited to business customers or private purchasers whether for inspiration or for relaxation, programs geared to a whole new target group, and music that offers greater variety. The three new program blocks, “Philosophical Reflections by Dr Christoph Quarch”, “Music Pleasure” and “Quotes on Various Subjects” (10 programs each), fulfill all these requirements. Currently available in English: “Music Pleasure”.