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Relax to get into shape


It is a well-known fact among many top-level athletes and scientists, that the path to physical success is tied to using cognitive training methods to rewire the brain. As it happens, up to 80% of athletic performance capacity is determined by your mental constitution. Another key component to peak performance is also dependent on optimal regeneration achieved through effective relaxation methods. To that end the brainLight sports programs cover the most important areas of cognitive training leading to athletic success, such as competition preparation, confidence and self-esteem, muscle memory training, and enhancing focus.

To effectively build muscle, the human body requires a delicate balance between muscle contraction and relaxation – an equilibrium that the brainLight Shiatsu Massage Chair can easily provide. This is why the brainLight-Systems are of excellent use in gyms and fitness centers, enabling athletes to relax and recharge after a strenuous workout, which in turn builds “mental strength” to meet the demands of daily life.

Additionally, the systems provide:

  • Assistance in achieving your optimum ”feel-good” weight  
  • Workout regeneration
  • Support in increasing motivation