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Relaxation at the touch of a button

brainLight provides wellness services at 50 to 60 events each year. Relaxation at „the touch of a button“ is a „fail safe“ treat for any venue. brainLight takes center stage in offering wellness options such as audio-visual relaxation systems and brainLight-Shiatsu Massage Chairs, rarely experienced during other corporate events. By the same token, events that incentivize stress relief or other wellness goals are rapidly gaining popularity among employers and employees alike.

One example is an event that took place at a BMW research center, during the course of which 40 employees had the chance to sit back and enjoy an audio-visual relaxation session and shiatsu massage, following an informative presentation by a brainLight trainer on the overall subject matter of stress prevention.

A further example was at the Thomas Cook/Condor event, whereby brainLight went so far as to offer „hands on massages“ for those who would prefer a massage therapist to a massage chair, and complemented this well-rounded service with color and style counseling sessions. In addition to this, wellness facials and natural make-up courses were provided, making this corporate event so popular that it sold out within minutes.

brainLight can be hired for any of the following occasions:


  • Corporate (healthcare/wellness) events
  • Corporate anniversaries
  • Employee incentives