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Hotel industry and wellness

Genergating a sense of well-being for your guests


Guest expectations have never been higher. Combined with increasing competition, managing a successful hotel and spa requires unparalleled experience and expertise. Hence, guest satisfaction is a number one priority in the hotel and wellness industry.

On-demand relaxation systems in hotel and spa areas are on the rise as business travels and vacationers have come to expect “relaxation offers” beyond the standard wellness options of a pool and sauna. The wide array of relaxation systems offered by brainLight helps any business rise to the occasion in an effortless and stylish manner.

Offer your guests the possibility of upgrading to a room featuring a wellness system, or to a wellness suite, pampering even the most wayward traveler with an audio-visual relaxation system and luxurious Shiatsu Massage Chair.

The brainLight-Systems are also an excellent choice for implementation in your in-house spa area as well as relaxation rooms, typically favored by sauna-loving guests. Recommending and selling our systems to your hotel guests and/or spa costumers could create an additional source of income for you.

Your customers have the choice of relaxing with any of the following programs:

  • “Tranquil and balanced within 20 minutes”
  • “Building up self-confidence”
  • “Dealing with stress”