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Stress-free studying

When you utilize all of your senses to study and learn, it is much easier for your brain to memorize and retain educational contents. The brainLight-Synchro facilitates mental training at the cutting edge of neurotechnology and invites you on an exciting journey into the world of easy and fast learning. The brainLight-Synchro paves the way to optimum learning capacity by making use of the refined “Superlearning” method (Suggestopedia) developed by Prof. Dr. Lozanov. Superlearning is a holistic learning technique which addresses both cerebral hemispheres through the use of music, rhythmic presentation, guided imagery and relaxation to facilitate easy memorization of vocabulary, dates and other “hard-to remember” facts.

Prerequisites for this popular method are a state of deep relaxation as well as enhancing the absorption of learning contents with suitable music. The brainLight-Synchro truly revolutionizes adult and childhood education by helping to unlock new learning potential(s).

The American, Dr. Rayma Ditson-Sommer, further developed this Superlearning technique in collaboration with brainlight GmbH in 2010. Kids and students of all ages have been using this enhanced technique ever since to improve and optimize their educational levels of performance.

The benefits of the brainLight systems are as follows:

  • Accelerated learning
  • Focus and attention training
  • Faster problem solving