Beauty & Wellness

Unwind and shine!


As a society, we think of beauty as universal to the human experience, generating a billion dollar industry aimed at perpetuating various beauty standards and ideals. But have you ever caught yourself wondering why some people just seem to glow while appearing naturally beautiful regardless of their age?

The secret to natural beauty lies within the concept of inner balance, which an ever-increasing number of people strive to achieve. brainLight-Systems can pave a consistent way to greater equanimity, serenity and relaxation, making them an ideal addition to any beauty salon, cosmetics studio, hair salon, solarium, and aesthetician.

Prospective clients can either use the systems to relax and recharge in between treatments or to treat themselves to an “all-inclusive” wellness experience. For example, enjoying an audio-visual, deep relaxation program immediately following a facial, will leave your customers feeling completely relaxed and at ease.

This unique treatment technique creates such utter states of peaceful relaxation that you’ll find yourself completely centered and “at one” with your body. This not only leads to increased levels of confidence when dealing with the demands of every-day life, but also engenders a truly beautiful, charismatic and relaxed countenance.

The brainLight-Systems can be applied as follows:

  • As an addition to beauty treatments 

  • To bridge waiting times
  • To encourage inner beauty