Clever Relaxing

Since the founding of brainLight GmbH in 1988, we have been offering audio-visual systems that balance the brainwaves of users, resulting in enhanced focus and concentration levels, which in turn facilitates an effortless learning experience.

Based on the scientific fact that relaxation aids absorption and subsequent successful application of learning contents, our technology has primarily been focused on catering to adults who are looking for a time-effective approach to studying.

In recent years however, a different subject matter has caught public attention::

  • Excessive demands placed on young children
  • Increased pressure to succeed academically and behave in a certain manner, starting in primary school and intensifying as children progress through the school system
  • Concentration and learning difficulties, which arise as a result of this.

In light of the above-mentioned demands, brainLight has developed the relaxation system “clever” which is specifically for children.

Our recommendation for Children