Touch Synchro complete

Konzentrations- und Lernschwierigkeiten, Stress, Hektik, Leistungsdruck, Burnout – Dies sind die Folgen und Nebenwirkungen unserer modernen, technisierten Zeit. Die einzigartigen, themenspezifischen brainLight-Programme bieten Ihnen die Chance, Ihr Leben wieder in ein natürliches Gleichgewicht zu bringen.

The brainLight Touch Synchro complete offers holistic wellness programs for body, mind and spirit. Enabling you to explore your innate strengths, develop and increase your skill sets as well as achieve more while using less energy.

The brainLight Touch Synchro complete includes all of the Instant Programs of the Touch Synchros relaxed, light, powerful and yourself. These 36 programs are “Instant Programs”, meaning language, music, light and sound have been optimally attuned to one another. The Instant Programs have also each been equipped with an additional automatic control for your brainLight-Shiatsu-Massage Chair. Resulting in the fact that any massage is optimally attuned to the respective programs.

Available as

XL complete
with 36 basic programs with 36 basic programs
+ 35 XL programs
Scope of delivery

• 1 brainLight Touch Synchro complete with brainLight Shiatsu-Massage Chair
• 1 pair of adjustable visualization glasses (white) with intensity regulator
• 1 pair of adjustable headphones with volume control
• 1 AC adapter (220V or 110V)
• 1 adapter cable
• Basic version: 46 Instant Programs, addressing various topics
• Available colors: BLACK or WHITE


• Touch panel
• Backlit LCD display showing program
number/title and remaining session time
• Automatic standby mode
• System statistics: operating hours,
protocol of individual applications,
total number of applications